International exchange opportunities 國際學校交流機會
Program type: Others
Program name: Middle School Sports(baseball) Exchange Partnership
Institution name: Gaegun middle school
Institution website:
Institution description: Gaegun Junior High School (Middle School), student age 13-15, Established in 1967, Co-ed school, Situated in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, with a renowned baseball team of 40 students
Location_city: Yangpyeong
Location_country: South Korea
Program description: We are looking for a Taiwanese school who wants to have a sports-playing-students exchange partnership. Our program is designed for our baseball students who are in need for a warmer training environment in winter. As such, we are looking for a par
Expense & Coverage: I hope the school can provide accomodation and meals--as we can provide those basic requirments. The school only needs to cover other expenses including flight. (This can be discussed futher as stay in touch.)
Suggested date of your program: Starting this coming winter (Around end of December).
Suggested number of your participants: All of our baseball players including coaches ( 40 students)
Contact person information: Contact. 1
(1) name: Kyoung-Min Lee
(2) position: PE teacher
(3) e-mail:
(4) phone number: (0082) 10 4175 5080
(5) skype or msn:

Contact. 2
(1) name: Gun-Woong Lee
(2) position: English teacher
(3) e-mail: surrey141@gmai
references: (1) Reference 1: Kyoung-Min Lee
(0082) 10 4175 5080

(2) Reference 2: Gun-Woong Lee
(0082) 10 4772 1570
Other information:
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