International exchange opportunities 國際學校交流機會
Program type: Visiting Taiwan
Program name: Curtual experience between Taiwan and Sout Korea high school students
Institution name: Cheonghak high school
Institution website:
Institution description: Cheonghak hish school is one of the best high schools in korea. The students who want to enter to Cheonghak high school must pass the special exam and interview. The school has about 960 students and 70 teachers.
Location_city: Namyangju
Location_country: South Korea
Program description: We are planning to visit to Taiwan to give a chance to get differenct cultural experience with other country high school students for our students.
Expense & Coverage: We don't need accommodation, meals, and transportation. We will arrange accommodation, meals, and tranportation. We want to get cultural experience between Taiwan and Korean student as sisterhood realationship.
Suggested date of your program: 27th or 28th morning time (3hrs) of January 2015 / Culture exchange - traditional dancing and song / Sports exchange - any game between the students / Having sisterhood relationship.
Suggested number of your participants: 36 students and 4 teachers
Contact person information: (1) name: Jin Kwon

(2) position: Travel and Education Director

(3) e-mail:

(4) phone number: 82-2-564-3443

(5) skype or msn:
references: (1) Reference 1:Sarah Lee 82-10-7258-3442

(2) Reference 2: Yangho Choi 82-10-5023-275
Other information: 1. cultural exchange - traditional dancing or song
2. sports game - Taiwan and Korean students together
3. sisterhood relationship ceremony
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