International exchange opportunities 國際學校交流機會
Program type: Visiting Taiwan
Program name: The process of technology education
Institution name: KIAT(Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)
Institution website:
Institution description: KIAT is a public institute founded under Article 38 of the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act. KIAT conducts various activities to promote technological policy, including: medium and long-term planning and result analysis; the construction o
Location_city: seoul
Location_country: korea
Program description: 1. We will be appreciated on your school in advance. 2. Our company, KIAT(Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology) is a government-affiliated institute of MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, 3. KIAT is a pub
Expense & Coverage: we woul bear all expenses if occured.
Suggested date of your program: December 10th, 2013 afternoon.
Suggested number of your participants: 7 teacher(Industrial technology educator) & 1 staffs
Contact person information: (1) name: Jong-bok,choi

(2) position: principal researcher


(4) phone number:82-2-6009-3232

(5) skype or msn:
references: (1) Reference 1:KWON SEOK-YOUNG mr. 82-10-4153-4538

(2) Reference 2:Im Jeong Hwa ms.82-10-8834-7435
Other information:
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