International Education for Primary and Secondary Schools
  International Education For Primary & Secondary Schools
Our Goals
Currently, the global market approach to competition has shifted from cost efficiency and mass production to fostering human resources and creativity. For a nation like Taiwan which builds from its traditions, this new mindset is a welcomed one, especially given Taiwan’s past success in the areas of international education. Therefore, Taiwan’s next stage of its globalization vision (2012 to 2022) is to continue to lay a strong, workable foundation for its 21st century youth.

Goal 1 - National Identity
It is our goal that through the exposure of international education, our youth will be able to further develop a strong national identity. Securely grounded in their own cultural history, our young people will be able to relate to their historic and cultural roots, which make them so unique. Becoming more aware of Taiwan’s place in history and within the international community will enable them to better understand the responsibilities that they have regarding Taiwan and its future.

Goal 2 – International Awareness
It is our goal to educate students to become globally literate and proficient citizens, especially in their understanding of the various cultural and global issues that they will have to face. We would like them to learn to respect and appreciate cultural diversity and to be equipped with knowledge and skills needed for effective and successful cross-cultural communication.

Goal 3 – Global Competitiveness
It is our goal that through cross-cultural and international education learning opportunities, students will be able to make cross-cultural observations and to reflect on cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication.
Through the promot ion of international education, schools will be able to assist their students with foreign language learning and proficiency, multicultural knowledge and effective cross-cultural communication skills.

Goal 4 – Global Responsibility
It is our goal to promote among Taiwan’s primary and secondary students, respect towards diverse ethnic, geographic and cultural population through international education. Their schools can assist students to cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the global community.
Our primary and secondary students should be aware of their responsibility to assist and to maintain world peace, support and protect human rights and to conserve our natural resources.